Filing for Social Security Disability Benefits

Filing for Social Security BenefitsThe Social Security Administration makes it easy to begin the process to file for Social Security Disability benefits. While there is no set time limit to apply for benefits, you may actually lose benefits or be unable to file a claim, if you wait too long. One’s insured status generally ends five years from the last date of employment.

Determine if you meet Social Security Disability Eligibility Requirements, and then call your local Social Security office. Let them know you wish to file a Social Security Disability claim. An appointment will be arranged with a claims representative, who may interview in you person or over the phone.

During your interview, the claims representative will answer your questions and will prepare the paperwork for your disability claim. The completed paperwork is then sent to Disability Determination Services (DDS) where a decision is rendered, based on the medical facts pertaining to your disability.

As part of the claims process, your SSD representative will review your work history to decide whether you are potentially eligible to obtain benefits from Social Security Disability or the supplemental security income program. If you do not qualify for SSD in the minimum monthly benefit amount, you may also be eligible for SSI.

Although filing for social security disability is not difficult, the fact is, 65% of initial claims for Social Security Disability benefits are denied. When you receive a letter denying your claim, an experienced SSD attorney can provide invaluable assistance in further pursuing benefits.

At Bailey & Galyen, we devote our practice to Social Security cases. When you are in dire need of benefits and your claim has been denied, we understand your frustration and know how important it is to have an advocate ready to take your side.

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