Importance of Medical Care, Treatment Compliance, and Medical Records at Social Security

The first step in any claim for social security disability is proving that you have an impairment that prevents you from sustaining gainful activity. To prove the existence of an impairment social security looks to your medical records, your doctor’s opinions of your capabilities, and then if necessary incorporates your testimony at hearing when determining your eligibility for benefits. No matter the diagnosis, how you feel, or what you know your limitations to be, it is crucial that you have sought and received medical treatment. Medical treatment provides not only a diagnosis but can outline the specific limitations caused by your impairments.

It is of vital importance that claimants continuing treating and seeing their doctors during the Social Security application and appeal process. It is also important that you follow the recommendations of your treating physicians and/or medical professionals. Compliance with treatment over a long period of time bolsters the credibility of your application, your potential testimony and proves to social security that your condition is long lasting, severe, and disabling.

The path to a favorable outcome at social security can be a long and difficult journey that takes a toll financially, emotionally, and physically on even the strongest of individuals. As such, it is important that you take advantage of any and all resources available to continuing receiving medical treatment during your application process. At Bailey and Galyen, our experienced staff can help you find affordable treatment solutions available in your community that may be able to provide medical care at reduced costs during this difficult time.

Bailey and Galyen can also provide your doctors with forms and questionnaires specifically designed to outline your specific limitations. These forms can be customized to your unique physical and mental diagnosis and the specific limitations they cause. A strong opinion statement from your treating physician can bolster your chances of a favorable outcome considerably.

If you are hurt and unable to work it is crucial that you have hard working experienced attorneys helping you navigate the complicated social security application process. Please contact us at Bailey and Galyen for a free disability evaluation.